The Director's Chair: GP🌒's behind the scenes show that follows up each new release and provides a Director's commentary to enrich the experience. In this episode Director Kenny Mason gives more insight into the episode Fross-Byte 001, available now.


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Miles Ahead

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GP 🌒 Fross-Bytes 001

September 3, 2020

You've never heard anything quite like this: an audio review blog set in a cyberpunk audio drama that reminiscences 90-00's Earth? Yep. Welcome to Ghost Planet.  Hang out with host Fross-519 and his Holo-Dog Bebop in the Sector Eight Megatropolis.


Featuring unique segments on:

Final Fantasy XIV 💠

Persona 4 Golden ✨

DC Fandome 🔱

Logic No Pressure & Retirement 🎧

Chadwick Boseman 🖤


and even more from Planet Earth  🌎


GP 🌒 Studios next experiment in blending formats with audio drama is here! 


July 30, 2020

GHOST 🌒 PLΛNET Director Kenny Mason sits down with actress Natasha Coppola Shalom (Extra Innings) and Director Timothy Hines (10 Days in a Madhouse) to discuss their new Cyberpunk series CHROME.


Join them to talk Sci-Fi Film making, bad Star Wars movies, and the dreaded Coronavirus. All this and more in our exclusive interview.


CHROME is available to stream on Amazon Prime:


July 1, 2020

The tale of Planet Penumbra will at last be told...

GP 🌒 Studios presents...a deep dive into the epic annals of Planet Penumbra, and its chaotic descent into...GHOST 🌒 PLΛN€T

Starring Director John-114 of GHØST CHANNЄL 9, with an appearance by Fross-519 of The MFC series!


GHOST 🌒 PLΛNET Interviews: Marc Laidlaw

April 25, 2020

GHOST 🌒 PLΛNET's own Kenny Mason is joined by Marc Laidlaw, acclaimed Science Fiction writer, and Lead Writer of Half-Life 1 and 2.

Join them as they discuss Marc's Life, his Books, his Games, and his Legacy. Tips for breaking into Game Design, Getting Published, and behind the scenes info on the Half-Life series are all on the table in this in-depth discussion! 


Marc Laidlaw's work can be found on his Website:


on Amazon for Kindle:


And his self narrated short stories are now on YouTube: